Ask Aunt Freckle



When it comes to life advice, the only thing more reliable than astrology is Aunt Freckle. This month, they’re tackling your questions on aging, dating, selfish friends, and noisy coworkers, among other important things.

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1. I just found a gray hair. Will I ever have sex again?

2. We’ve been dating a month. Is it OK to post a couple’s pic?

3. How can I tell if I’m being catfished?


4. Why doesnt my friend listen to me?

5. How can I tell my coworkers to STFU? 

6. Do I have to buy my rich friend a wedding gift?

7. Spending the night after sex: yes or no?

FRECKLE is a Mexican actress from L.A., seen on The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, Search Party, American Idol, and in a Grizzly Bear music video.

Story producer: Emily Mahaney. Producer: Lauren Teng. Editor: Dan McBride. Animator: Kenzie Moss.
Published: 4-16-18