Death of Gender: iRAWniQ



“I’m a gender-fluid, super fucking human being,” says hip-hop star iRAWniQ. And we said, “Tell us more.” The openly queer, unapologetically black rapper/singer/producer spits soul-baring bars about social justice and the LGBT community, with visuals that are sometimes trippy and always thought-provoking, but it’s their shameless sense of self that’s got us hooked. iRAWniQ spoke to us at length about family, identity, and why, when you call them a cunt, you shouldn’t forget to capitalize the C. —Keryce Chelsi Henry


KERYCE CHELSI HENRY is a writer and editor who was born and raised in New York City.

Mikki Halpin, story producer; Lauren Teng, producer; Ona Isart, cinematography; Alejandra Diaz, sound; Dan McBride, editor; Kaori Nik, makeup; Music Videos courtesy of iRAWniQ, Courtney 'Fresh' Carreras, JB Ghuman Jr., and Jose Muro
Published 11–13–2017