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Madness Horoscopes

Forecasts by Samuel F. Reynolds
Illustrated by Leah Goren

Every month, Samuel F. Reynolds interprets our issue’s theme in light of the current planetary situation and gives advice for each sign. Check out what he has to say about Madness.

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Here’s a reality shift for you: March, not January, was once the beginning of the new year. That’s why Aries is considered the “first sign” of the zodiac and the start of the celestial year—it occupies the first 30° of celestial longitude, where the sun rises and begins its trajectory toward summer and the Tropic of Cancer. Are you surprised? To me, madness is that surprise, the dissonance between what you know and trust and a new, different truth. Right now, as we move between when the zodiac ends and begins, we have a collective chance to tear away from our hollow expectations and leap closer to our true selves. Be forewarned—stepping or even running toward our whole selves is no “happily ever” story. In fact, the wildness of the journey, like the astrological year, is only beginning. But it can be mad fun. You down?

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madness horoscope aries

Enjoy the slow roll to becoming LIT! Yet remember that your body can’t be everywhere like light.

madness horoscope taurus

Love your decadence, but don’t become so lost in your sauce that others can’t savor your flavor too.

madness horoscope gemini

You’re juggling everything and everyone, especially your friends. They aren’t the only ones who deserve TLC—you do too.

madness horoscope cancer

Loosen up from that too-tight shell of your comfort zone.

madness horoscopes leo

Free yourself from the need to know everything—it will just slow you down. Keep going and you’ll figure it out.

madness horoscopes virgo

Disown the fear that waste or harm of any kind will make you weak, not strong.

madness horoscopes libra

Pay less attention to filling your eyes with what’s out there and more to who’s doing the seeing.

madness horoscopes scorpio

Don’t do it just to do it, the way you always do it. Find a way to do it without so much wear and tear on yourself.

madness horoscopes sagittarius

Put your money where your heart is. Talk is cheap, but your heart is rich.

madness horoscopes capricorn

Be a force of nature—but don’t forget that quiet watering holes for predator and prey alike are also “forces” of nature.

madness horoscope aquarius

Allow ideas and ideals to guide what’s possible in life. But inching along the rough terrain of living is what makes it doable.

madness horoscope pisces

Be yourself. You’ll only drive yourself crazy if you think you’ll be any one way forever.


SAMUEL F. REYNOLDS teaches, writes, and practices astrology as a consultant in the NYC metropolitan area.

LEAH GOREN is an illustrator and surface pattern designer living in Brooklyn.