Stellar Considerations

Forecasts by Samuel F. Reynolds
Illustrated by Kaye Blegvad

Solstice is a Latin word that means “the sun standing still,” and in a way, the winter solstice that happened December 21 marked a distinct pause before a shift that we are all feeling now—a kind of respite between contractions for Mother Nature, the laborer of all living beings. Immediately following the solstice, keen Mercury spun out of his retrograde, and disciplined Saturn came home to Capricorn, a sign he hadn’t been in for almost 30 years. He’s due to stick around until mid-2020, and is bound to have more of a say until then. But how can the stars help bring forth a brilliant new you? Read on to find out how your sign can approach rebirth and find transcendence.


Aries       Taurus       Gemini       Cancer     Leo     Virgo     Libra     Scorpio     Sagittarius     Capricorn     Aquarius     Pisces

people holding hands aries
woman with books taurus
women coins gemini
woman holding tiny man cancer
women listing rod leo
woman watering garden virgo
blue tree libra
people in strings scorpio
woman jumping through fire hoop
woman sculpting capricorn
woman in rain aquarius
woman swimming pisces

SAMUEL F. REYNOLDS  teaches, writes, and practices astrology as a consultant in the NYC metropolitan area.

KAYE BLEGVAD  is an illustrator and designer in Brooklyn.

Published on 1—16—2018