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Things We Love to Hate - Madness Edition

By Damn Joan Staff

Everything that’s driving us mad this month. 

• • •

  1. Passive-aggressive emoji usage. 

  2. Vitamin D deficiency. Wasn’t winter bad enough? 

  3. Still not getting that royal wedding invitation.

  4. Of the millions of headphones on the market, not one was designed to work with hoop earrings.

  5. Adult acne.

  6. People who use St. Patrick’s Day as an excuse for binge-drinking.

  7. Getting a package in the mail, then having to get through tape, cardboard, Bubble Wrap, a combination lock, and a maze of lasers just to open it.

  8. Anyone who doesn’t think the robot is a legit, if not killer, dance move.

  9. Hangnails.

  10. That guy who watched all the Oscar-nominated animated shorts and still talks about how this one foreign cartoon was robbed.

  11. People who confuse being shy with being an introvert. 

  12. Introverts who are constantly explaining the difference between being shy and being an introvert.

  13. ATM fees.

  14. People who blame daylight saving time for their morning spaciness.


  16. Completely unnecessary film sequels. How many Jurassic Park movies do we need?

  17. Office sports pools.

  18. Triple-checking the spelling of “changeable” because it just looks so wrong.

  19. The somber realization that we need naps and summer vacations even more as adults than we did as kids.

  20. Being this close to remembering the word that’s on the tip of your tongue.

  21. Email inbox management.


Dinosaurs image: metha1819 via Shutterstock.