Alia Shawkat Gives a F



What do you give a fuck about? What do you not give a fuck about? The answers to these questions are how we define ourselves as people. Alia Shawkat, star of the wry detective series Search Party, in which she plays Dory Sief, the millennial love child of Nancy Drew and Daria, talked to us about some of the things that get her going and a few of the ones that don’t, including the New York Times crossword puzzle (yes), the Kardashians (no), and sex (very yes). She was supercool and nice, and we love her. 

The second season of Search Party premieres November 19 on TBS. 




Mikki Halpin, story producer; Lauren Teng, producer; DREAMTIGER, shoot/edit; Joanne Vo, line producer; Patrick Souther, sound recordist; Mary Perrino, color; Gaelin Mullins, sound mixer

Special thanks to Patty Adams Martinez.
Published 11–17–2017