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How Does Your Sign Deal With Deceit?

Forecasts by Samuel F. Reynolds
Illustrated by
Joan LeMay

Truths you don’t always want to face about yourself.

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April always starts with deception. Pranks are fun, but year-round we sometimes fail to identify the ways we deceive ourselves. Here, some truths that you might not own up to, organized by sign. Recognize them, accept them, learn from them.

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aries horoscope deceit

Insisting you’re a person of action and accomplishment won’t hide the fact that you’re also very sensitive and emotional.

taurus horoscope deceit

Amassing more is impressive, but it might not quiet the fear that there’s never enough for all you crave.

gemini horoscope deceit

Processing anything and everything can also look like procrastinating and prattling.

cancer horoscope deceit

Securing your personal boundaries can easily slip into shutting yourself off from the world.

leo horoscope deceit

Brandishing your powerful personality can give others the impression you’re trying to beat them down. Secretly, you hope they’d just keep up.

virgo horoscope deceit

Readying yourself for greatness might take forever if you don’t know when you are actually ready.

libra horoscope deceit

Being nice is different than being good and true.

scorpio horoscope deceit

Feeling passionately and deeply gives you X-ray vision into human nature, but doesn’t make you invulnerable.

sagittarius horoscope deceit

Thinking broadly will make you smarter, but not necessarily smarter than everyone else.

capricorn horoscope deceit

Climbing a ladder of success won’t mean much if you don’t have anyone to greet you at the top.

aquarius horoscope deceit

Making the world a better place starts with letting others into your world, not just your head.

pisces horoscope deceit

Swimming in your deep emotional waters requires vigilance: Look out for yourself and others.

SAMUEL F. REYNOLDS teaches, writes, and practices astrology as a consultant in the NYC metropolitan area.

JOAN LEMAY is a painter, illustrator, and portraiture enthusiast in Santa Fe, NM.

Published 4-16-2018