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Damn Joan Horoscopes: The Hunt

Forecasts by Samuel F. Reynolds
Illustrated by Lydia Ortiz

Every month, Samuel F. Reynolds interprets our issue’s theme in light of the current planetary situation and gives advice for each sign. Check out what he has to say about The Hunt.

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Can you get lit without eclipsing yourself? We’re in the middle of “eclipse season,” which kicked off January 31 with a Leo full moon eclipse. On February 15, we’ll get a “booster shot” from an Aquarius new moon eclipse. Eclipses are tipping points, with the heavens appearing to push us over the edge in some way. How can each sign mix the right celestial cocktail without drowning our raging inner beast in too much calm, cool, and collectedness? Read on.


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the hunt horoscopes aries

Take charge when others won’t decide to act, but then chill when a decision’s set.


the hunt horoscopes taurus

Appreciate that you are all that and a bag of chips, but you’re in for a shock if you believe you’re the only dish.


the hunt horoscopes gemini

Speak to understand and be understood, not to bedazzle, belittle, or bullshit.


the hunt horoscopes cancer

Don’t let fear make you greedy. Trust that the cosmos will give you enough.


the hunt horoscopes leo

Lavish your best on folks who love you, but don’t twist yourself in knots over humble haters.


the hunt horoscopes virgo

True humility is when you serve without making too much fuss. Roll up your cuffs and get in there.


the hunt horoscopes libra

Indulge in life’s lusts and pleasures in order to delight yourself, not just others.


the hunt horoscopes scorpio

Use green-eyed envy to remind you of the desires you’ve denied yourself.


the hunt horoscopes sagittarius

Forgo brutal honesty for being radical with considerate candor.


the hunt horoscopes capricorn

Go for yours, but leave some for others.


the hunt horoscopes aquarius

Shine, dammit! Honor your faults, but don’t hide your own greatness behind them.

the hunt horoscopes pisces

Do good for yourself or another without judging the act’s value, and you’ll gain momentum to do even more.

SAMUEL F. REYNOLDS teaches, writes, and practices astrology as a consultant in the NYC metropolitan area.

LYDIA ORTIZ is a Manila-born illustrator and designer based in New York and San Francisco.

Published on 2—6—2018