Scientist holds a test tube with blood splatters

Who Killed Lily Miller? Part One


blood splatters



Straight up, we like murder. We like murder mysteries. We like murder podcasts. We like Agatha Christie, we like Law & Order, we like whodunnits, we like thrillers, and obviously we like Murder, She Wrote. Correction: We love Murder, She Wrote.


So it makes perfect sense to launch an interactive murder mystery story with our Happy Death issue. “Who Killed Lily Miller?” takes you off the Damn Joan site and onto the “real” Internet, where you’ll follow links, pick up clues, and enter the world of Lily Miller, her husband Tom, their mysterious medical technology company, and the shadowy cults and subreddits who watch her every move. 


Like any good story, there are plenty of clues, places to linger, and paths to explore. Be careful who you trust. 

Part One begins with one basic fact:
Lily Miller died on November 12, 2017.

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If you get stumped or want to exchange theories and share clues, there is an FAQ with a comment section on our Facebook page. Good luck!

Damn Joan Staff
Published on 11—10—2017