Coming Attractions


Behold our oh so very NSFW la petite mort montage.

• • •

When it comes to, well, coming, we prefer to use the French expression la petite mort. Literally, it means “little death,” and compares orgasms to a feeling of either losing a part of yourself or transcending in a way that one does in the afterlife. (Either way, accurate.) It was only right for us to pay homage to the happiest death of them all with a compilation of climaxing characters in film and TV, because if there was one theme missing from the hundreds of super-cuts that we’ve watched on YouTube, it’s orgasms. A mash-up of scenes with the phrase “Let her go” is cool, but dozens of women getting off is better. —Keryce Chelsi Henry


Mikki Halpin, story producer; Lauren Teng, producer; Dan McBride, editor; Jason Adams, research
Published 11–13–2017