The Ultimate (Re)Birth

Our supercut of births—human and otherwise.
• • •

Birth is gnarly stuff. As proof, we’re back at it again with another supercut—this time, to capture the true essence of bringing a life into this world. We’re talking about that feeling of being ripped in half to have a foreign body removed from your own, not to mention the epic flood of bodily fluids being expelled every which way, at times from more than one orifice. In the best sci-fi films, it means having a life-sucking parasite extracted from your abdomen. That being said, we could watch births all day long—because at the end of that sweaty, screamy endurance test you do end up with a miracle.  In the interest of portraying this monumental feat of nature in all of its glow, gore, and glory, we’ve compiled a supercut of our favorite big- and small-screen nativities, from Juno to Coneheads. Don’t forget to breathe—and you can never have too many nappies.


Lynda Lucas, story producer; Lauren Teng, producer; Tom Akey, editor; Maddy Talias, editor; Jason Adams, research.

Published 1-16 -18

Published on 1—16—2018