Happy Hunting

Never be afraid to go after what you want.

• • •

The year is 2018, the month is February, and there’s a lot of payback due. It’s time to hand a weapon to the damsel in distress and invite them to the party—it’s not a rescue, it’s a rumble. Being ready to bleed (or cause bloodshed) for the cause is what makes us warriors; whether it’s a look, a lawsuit, a lover, or leverage, we’re ready to hunt, aim, fire, then bask in the fiery glory of victory. Here, an ode to hunters who pursue and slay with cunning and concentration and complete loyalty to the tribe. Let’s hear it for the #goals (and bois, and everyone).


Lynda Lucas, story producer; Lauren Teng, producer; Dan McBride, editor; Jason Adams, research.

Published 2-12-18