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The Trick: Can You Fool a Magician?


For one week only, (April 16-22, 2018), as part of our Deceit issue, Damn Joan hosted illusionist Jeanette Andrews' interactive magic piece "The Trick." Using a deck of cards and watching Andrews on video, our audience turned the tables and attempted to fool her. It was kind of amazing and freaky, to be honest. Now like, magic, it has disappeared. 

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A white woman dressed in black throwing playing cards into the air


JEANETTE ANDREWS is a magician and artist who specializes in creating interactive sensory illusions. 

GEOFF LEVY  (video director) is an NYC–based director and photographer who is never not equipped with chapstick.


Bodysuit by Wolford, $250; tunic by The Order, $368; ring, Jeanette’s own.
Story producer: Mikki Halpin. Producer: Lauren Teng. Cinematographer: Chris Tharp. AC: Chiara Greek. Grip: Jeffrey Gross. Stylist: Christine Nicholson. Hair: Andrita Renee. Makeup: Alana Wright. Color: Brett Price. Sound mix and design: Ben Conlon. Filmed at Be Electric Studios.
Published 4-16-2018