women holding hands walking in a line in a field

The Forest

Photographed by Alexander Saladrigas
Styled by Rachael Wang


A new family arrives.
• • •

At first the sunlight was too strong. But soon they were running through it, chasing it, being led by it. They discovered the textures and sounds of the forest, gaining confidence as they wandered. The trees were full of possibility; the family had never seen anything so fertile. They joined hands. They were home. 

the hunt forest noir umbrellas fashion shoot
forest noir three people in field hunt fashion shoot
man laying in grass
Two woman wearing trench coats and scarves stare at each other in front of a forest lake
person standing in beige trench coat with green pants on tree stumps
person with black trench leaning on tree trunk in forest
man staring at camera in black trench, head scarf, and striped collared shirt
woman  in black trench with white shirt with breast exposed holding baby standing in field
person stands in white trench holding a black umbrella in grassy field
elderly women in plaid trench
Person wearing a plaid coat faces away and looks out into nature
Woman with red hair wearing a trench coat and a yellow scarf staring at camera
two women in trench coats with their backs to us staring out at a lake
women in field


On Cleo: Trench coat by Vince, $695; brown trench coat by Rains, $116; blue trench coat by Rains, $135; silver trench coat by Jane Post, $475; shorts by Associated x Agolde, $168; track pants by Associated x Agolde, $188; bag by Elizabeth and James, $145; stylist’s own shirt, sneakers, hat, and scarf. On Synmia: Trench coat by Priscavera, $952; shoes by Topshop, $90; head scarf by Clyde, $68; stylist’s own skirts. On Phlemuns: Trench coat by Cos, $225; sweater by Hellessy; blouse by Agnona; shirt dress by Gypsy Sport, $355; stylist’s own pants, sneakers, socks, and head scarf. On Sara: Trench coat by Closed, $494; shirt by Simon Miller, $320; scarf by Simon Miller, $140; stylist’s own skirt, boots, head scarf, and earrings. On Tni: Trench coat by Sea, $675; striped dress by Ji Oh, $660; white blouse by BY. Bonnie Young, $595; pants by Agnona; bag by Elizabeth and James, $195; stylist’s own boots, earring, and head scarf. On Derec: Trench coat by Terra New York, $460; collared shirt by Cienne, $675; red striped blouse by Hellessy; skirt by A.P.C., price available upon request; stylist’s own tan shirt, jeans, boots, and head scarf. On Geraldine: Trench coat by Assembly NY, $395; dress by Tibi, $1,095; shoes by Maryam Nassir Zadeh, $496; head scarf by Clyde; brooch from Mega Mega Projects.



We’d like to thank our models: Sara Cath, Geraldine Hurley, Derec Patrick Juan, Phlemuns, Synmia & Kiyoko Rosine, Cleo Tucker, and Tni Wels. You are beautiful.


ALEXANDER SALADRIGAS is a Cuban-American fashion and art photographer based in New York whose work is primarily shot on film.

RACHAEL WANG is a Brooklyn-based fashion stylist and novice homesteader. 


Story Producer: Mikki Halpin; Producer: Lauren Teng; Local Producer: Peter McClafferty; Photographer's first assistant: Semir Hajdarevic; Photographer's assistants: Gary George, James McCarty, Anastasiya Ostasheveska; Makeup: Homa Safar; Makeup assistant: Kendal Fedail; Hair: Shinya Nakagawa; Hair assistant: Michael Lorenzano; PA: Krisel Magana; Casting by Mollie Maguire and Rebel Casting.

Published 02-12-2018